Beosound 9000 CD drive laser Pause fix repair

Bang Olufsen B&O Beosound 9000 – CD Drive laser pickup fault, Repair service

How do I fix or repair a Beosound 9000 that will not play CDs:

I have a player that exhibits some of the following symptoms when attempting to play a CD.

• PAUSE CD error message when attempting to play a disc
• CD spinning backwards, fast or in an uncontrolled manner.
• Disc drive is broken or not working
• CD error 2 focus error
• The player powers off after attempting and failing to play CD discs.
• CD laser pickup is worn out and skipping tracks or not reading slightly scratched discs.
• CD drive is picky or selective about what CD’d it will play
• Sometimes it will not play a certain CD but will play others.


At quickcycle, we have various quick and cost-effective repair services and products to fix these issues you are experiencing. Our services and products are designed to bring your player back to life and in full working order by changing the CD drive laser with a reliable component supplied and tested by quickcycle in the UK!

However beautiful a Beosound 9000 may look displayed in your home it is essential its function matches its beauty to keep a smile on your and your guest’s faces every time its powered up and brought to life magically selecting and playing your favourite music for all to enjoy.

The CD drive lasers in these players are now wearing out as the players are getting older. Lasers wearing out are the most common failure mode of this device and will most likely need replacing to affect a permanent repair. The good news is that we can offer various easy solutions to your CD playback issues.

If the CD drive laser pickup is failing the player can exhibit a number of strange, abnormal behaviours you may not immediately associate with the laser failure and the requiring of replacement. The player needs the laser to be focusing and functioning correctly to move to and clamp CDs correctly and allow for correct CD drive movement within the Beosound 9000 CD player.

Although the CD laser is a weak point, The Beosound 9000 is a remarkably reliable piece of complex equipment that needs little maintenance and will enjoy many years of faithful service due to its impeccable build quality both inside and out and arguably the quintessence of Bang and Olufsen product design.

Initial Basic, simple checks

What basic, simple steps and checks can I do myself to check it’s not something I can fix before paying for repair service or replacement parts?

Check CD drive centring

Bang and Olufsen designed the Beosound 9000 to be mounted and displayed in many orientations when in use. Vertically, horizontally, upside down etc. To optimise the CD drive playback B&O added a user-adjustable feature to optimise CD dive positioning and playback. Check on your player that your dive cantering is set correctly to match how you have your player mounted.


CD drive Centering Beosound 9000

Check that the laser lens is clean.

Use water-moistened cotton wool bud or Q-Tip as they say in the States to gently clean the laser lens inside the CD mechanism. Then use a dry cotton wool bud or Q-Tip to ensure the lens is dry. This may fix your issue if you are using a player that has been subject to an especially dusty environment. This may only solve your issue for a brief period of time as the laser diode has degraded and is not emitting as much power as it once was.


Clean CD laser Beosound 9000


After you have completed the above checks, you can be confident that a laser change is required to repair your player and get it working correctly once more. Please review the below solutions offered by quickcycle to get your amazing player functioning once more.


Beosound 9000 CD drive laser pickup Repair Service  

Click for the link to the Service page 

Turn-key repair service is offered for cd drive laser replacement.
We will ship you a bespoke shipping box (with a pre-printed return label) for you to send your player to us for the repair of your player and quick return. Your player will be insured for loss or damage while in transit both to and from Quickcycle.

Repair service includes:

  1. Bespoke packaging box sent to your home address. Includes self-adhesive shipping label to send back to us + all packaging materials and tape for you to send your player safely.
  2. Player diagnostics, functionality review and in-depth cleaning at quickcycle.
  3. Laser changed and shipped back (insured shipping) to you within one week of us receiving it!
  4. You get your player back looking amazing and playing again.
  5. Full communication and tracking updates will be provided throughout the process to keep you informed of the status.

Beosound 9000 Packaging

We currently only offer this service in the UK only but can supply our custom repair kits to your local electrical repair shop to allow them to make the change on your behalf. These kits include all parts and instructions and support your local repair shop to make a successful repair. Labour will be around 2-3 hours.

 Click for the link to the Service page 


Beosound 9000 CD drive laser pickup Replacement kits

Are you competent with using fine tools and following clear, simple, imaged instructions? Laser change kits are available to purchase to get your player going again! 

Beosound 9000 Replacement CD drive laser pickups

Reliable CD drive lasers components supplied and tested by quickcycle in the UK!

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