Bang & Olufsen Beosound 9000 Buyer Guide

Bang & Olufsen Beosound 9000 Buyer Guide

Bang & Olufsen Beosound 9000 Buyer Guide

If you’re considering purchasing a Beosound 9000 in 2023, you might have some questions before taking the plunge and acquiring one of these amazing players.

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Versions and Differences

The Beosound 9000 was produced from 1996 to 2011 in three main versions:
To check the version you need to look for the type number on the manufacturer label under the control keyboard.

  • MK1 - Type number 252*
  • MK2 - Type number 256*
  • MK3 - Type number 257*

Bang Olufsen 9000 version Type number


Beosound 9000’s offers the following connectivity options:

Powerlink speaker output - This is a non-amplified sound output along with a 12V signal for system power on. The player is deisgned to be used with Powerlink active B&O speakers. The player can be connected to standard passive speakers but the signal from the player will need to be passed through an additional amplifier.

Aux In - This enables signal aux inputs - Can be used with Bluetooth receivers

Optical out - optical sound output

Materlink - B&O proprietary connection solution to join multiple speakers/players together in multiple rooms and allow for remote control.

Pre-Purchase Checklist

Before purchasing a Beosound 9000, ensure the following:

Glass door hinges/motor are functioning properly.

The glass door on the Beosound 9000 must only be opened with the inbuilt electric motor at the press of a button. There is a safety clutch built into the hinges to allow the glass door to be forced open or closed against the motor, this safety system wears out quickly if the door has been forced in the past. Once the mechanism is damaged the glass door will not be held in position securely.

Check this with the player positioned on a flat surface. Open the glass door with the button. Check the door opens at a consistent speed. If it struggles the hinge motor belt may be worn or contaminated.

Once the glass is fully open gently wiggle the glass door to check it doesn’t fall closed. If the hinge mechanism is worn or damaged the glass may drop.

With the glass door open check where the glass attaches to the hinges for evidence of glue residue where a repair attempt has been made to reattach the glass.

CD Drive

Check the CD player moves to each location and clamps the CD’s correctly. Do this process with the glass door open and closed.

The CD drive should move smoothly between locations, clamp quickly and read the CD. If the laser has deteriorated it may take longer to read discs or discs may not always read. All players sold at quickcycle are fitted with a new CD laser as a matter of course.

Other faults on these players are rare and the above checks suffice for most inspections.
When we sell players at quick cycle we complete a 100-point checklist on all players before dispatch to ensure flawless performance.

Please check the current players we have for sale.


The reliability of Beosound 9000 players is generally good, with minimal issues reported.

Breakdown and Repairs

These players are very reliable in service despite there mechanical and electrical complexity. At Quickycle, we off quick cost cost-effective repairs and servicing to cover your needs. If you are a repair shop or technician we also offer parts and repair kits for these players to enable repairs all over the world!

Pros and Cons of Each Version



  • Cheapest price option with the same functionality as other versions.
  • Features a red power button allowing isolation from the main supply.


  • Older models might have worn drive belts.
  • Blue hue aluminium cover - (Could be a pro or a con depending on your taste)
  • Some components may be harder to find as spares.



  • Mid-priced version with reliable functionality.
  • Red power button for isolation from mains supply.


  • Being older, it might require more repairs compared to MK3.



  • Improved CD laser drive for quieter playback.
  • N.MUSIC Enabled for streaming from a PC. This option is now mostly redundant as bluetooth streaming has taken over.


  • Potential issues with PIN code system.
  • Lacks a physical red power button.


Whichever version of Beosound 9000 you choose we are sure you will enjoy it.
These are very reliable systems despite their mechanical and electrical complexity. There are additional checks that can be completed on these players as they have a large number of features and systems. At Quick Cycle, all players we sell go though a 100-point checklist during their service to ensure flawless performance before being dispatched.

For our current selection of players, please visit our sales page.


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