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Jukeboxes have been an iconic symbol of music and entertainment for decades, evoking a sense of nostalgia and bringing back memories of a bygone era. These magnificent machines have the power to transport us to a time when music was tangible, and every song had the ability to touch our souls. However, like any mechanical device, jukeboxes are susceptible to wear and tear, and one common issue that can arise is the failure of the CD drive laser.

The CD drive laser plays a vital role in the jukebox’s ability to read and play music from CDs, ensuring that every note and melody is faithfully reproduced. When this crucial component starts to falter, it can lead to a range of frustrating symptoms that diminish the joy of listening to your favorite tunes. CDs may refuse to spin, play for a brief moment before abruptly stopping, or even produce an unsettling clicking sound. These signs indicate that the laser pickup diode in your CD drive may need repair or replacement.

Fortunately, there are professional repair services available specifically designed to address these laser issues and restore the functionality of your jukebox’s CD drive. Whether you own a Rowe AMI, Rock-ola, WURLITZER, NSM, or SEEBURG jukebox, expert technicians can provide the necessary expertise to repair the Philips CD PRO VAU 1255 / 1254 or CDM12 IND / VAU 1252 CD drives, ensuring that the music never stops. 

Jukebox Philips Laser Repair


The Need for CD Drive Laser Repair

A failing CD drive laser in a jukebox can manifest in various ways, leading to frustration for jukebox enthusiasts. Here are some common signs indicating the need for CD drive laser repair:

  • CD disc does not spin.
  • CD disc spins briefly and then stops.
  • Clicking sounds can be heard during CD playback.
  • CD disc spins backwards and does not play.
  • Error codes 60 or 61 appear on the jukebox display.

When you encounter any of these symptoms, it is highly likely that the laser pickup diode in your jukebox’s CD drive requires attention. Ignoring the issue may result in the inability to enjoy your favourite music and potentially further damage to your jukebox’s mechanism.

By availing professional CD drive laser repair services, you can:

  • Ensure the proper functioning of the CD disc drive in your jukebox.
  • Restore the ability of the CD drive to read and play CDs flawlessly.
  • Eliminate issues such as skipping, spinning in reverse, or clicking sounds during playback.
  • Prevent potential damage to other components of the jukebox.


CD Drive Repair Kits Available

Rowe AMI Jukeboxes:
    Rowe AMI R-92
    Rowe AMI CD 100
    Rowe AMI CD 100E
    Rowe AMI CD 100F
    Rowe AMI CD 100G
    Rowe AMI CD 100H
    Rowe AMI CD-100C
    Rowe AMI CD-100E
    Rowe AMI CD-100F
    Rowe AMI CD-100G
    Rowe AMI CD-100H
    Rowe AMI CD-100I
    Click the image for the specific repair Kit link:


    Rock-ola Jukeboxes:

    Rock-ola 480
    Rock-ola 490
    Rock-ola 500
    Rock-ola 507
    Rock-ola 508
    Rock-ola 510
    Rock-ola 484
    Rock-ola 496
    Rock-ola 500
    Rock-ola 504
    Click the image for the specific repair listing link:
















    WURLITZER Jukeboxes:
      WURLITZER 1015
      WURLITZER 1080
      WURLITZER 1100
      WURLITZER 1250
      WURLITZER 1400
      Click the image for the specific repair listing link:















      NSM Jukeboxes:
        NSM City
        NSM Concert 240
        NSM Galaxy 200
        NSM Hit 120
        NSM Performer Grand 2000
        NSM City II
        NSM Hyperbeam
        NSM Icon 2
        NSM Performer Grand II
        NSM Silver Sky
        NSM Sapphire
        Click the image for the specific repair listing link:
















        SEEBURG Jukeboxes:
          SEEBURG KD200
          SEEBURG L100
          SEEBURG M100A
          SEEBURG V200
          SEEBURG VL200
          SEEBURG 1000
          SEEBURG BMS1
          SEEBURG USC1
          SEEBURG USC2
          SEEBURG USC3
          SEEBURG 100BL
          SEEBURG 100JL
          Click the image for the specific repair listing link:



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