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Repair Kit - CD Drive Laser Rowe AMI Jukebox CD Pro Philips

Repair Kit - CD Drive Laser Rowe AMI Jukebox CD Pro Philips

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Philips CD Drive number

Repair Kit for:

Rowe AMI Jukebox CD Drive.

Philips CD drives are most likely to stop working or reading discs due to the faliure of the laser in the CD drive. This laser can be replaced easily with our kit. The kit includes a new, tested laser, specific tools required and clear and easy-to-follow step-by-step instructions.

There are a couple of different laser types fitted to Rowe AMI Philips CD drives and you will need to check the label on your drive prior to ordering so we can send you the correct part. (See the second image in the listing to confirm the Philips CD drive part number)

This listing covers Philips CD drive types with labels (See Thrid image in listing for number location on your philips CD drive: VAU 1252,1254,1255, CD PRO, CD PRO2. CDM 12 CDM IND (If unsure please ask)

What is included in the kit?

  • Tested Laser
  • Specific sized Torx drivers to open the CD drive
  • Detailed instruction manual with step by step instructions
  • Any email / phone support you require from quickcycle to make your repair a success.

Symptoms of a failing laser in CD drive

Laser failure can cause a number of seemingly unconnected symptoms but they all stem from failure of the laser diode.

CD disc will not spin.
CD disc spins briefly and stops.
CD disc will not spin and clicking can be heard.
CD disc spins backwards and will not play.
Error 60 or 61 on the Jukebox


All orders will be dispatched will be dispatched within 1 working day.
Orders will be sent via Royal Mail 2-3 day postage in the UK and via standard international postage 5-7day in europe. 7-15 day worldwide.

Warranty / Returns

We are confident in our products and our 100% tested laser parts and offer a 60-day warranty on our parts.
In the unlikely event you are not satisfied with this product you can easily start a free return within 30 days of purchase. (International return postage is to be covered by the buyer if the part supplied is not faulty)

Any questions? please ask!

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