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Beolab 1 Speaker Fabric Fretts Restoration Repair Recover Kit

Beolab 1 Speaker Fabric Fretts Restoration Repair Recover Kit

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Revive Your Beolab 1, with Our Speaker Fabric / Frets Restoration Kit

Bang Olufsen Beolab 1 speaker fabric is tired and wrinkled. Is the old fabric discoloured, torn or has holes present? Fortunately, you can fix this problem yourself with our easy-to-use kit that includes everything you need to replace the fabric and get your Beolab 1 speakers looking amazing once more!.

Kit contains

  • All items needed to recover X2 Beolab 1 speakers
  • X2 pre-cut pieces of acoustic speaker fabric.
  • Specialist adhesive tape to secure the fabric in place.
  • Specific tools needed to remove speaker covers
  • 10 Page easy to follow Instruction, on how to remove speaker covers and reapply the new fabric (a direct .pdf download Link will be sent to you after purchase.

What will i need to do?

You will need to supply the following to get your player looking amazing again!

  • Have an hour or two free to bring you Beolab 1 speakers back to their original beauty.
  • Have a pair of scissors handy.

Acoustic Fabric

Fabric is carefully selected to minimise attenuation and provide perfect sound clarity. Its surface is woven in a way to allow stech and easy installation when fitting.

Please be aware that if choosing the white option, it is best to spray paint your speaker fretts to prevent the black metal from showing. All over colours cover the black fretts fully.


10 Page PDF guide with step-by-step instructions, made up of large images that are easy to follow and read. These instructions are only available through our listings. Using the instruction you will be able to confidently recover your speakers.

Put you speakers back in pride of place with new fabric your Bang Olfusen Beolab 1 will look brand new

If you have any questions please get in contact.

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