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Beosound 9000 MK3 MK III New Laser + Full DIY instructions + Specific Tools

Beosound 9000 MK3 MK III New Laser + Full DIY instructions + Specific Tools

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Revive Your Beosound 9000 CD Player with Our DIY Laser Replacement Kit!

If your Beosound 9000 is having trouble playing CDs, or is attempting to read CD’s and spinning backwards, the problem is likely a failed laser that is not focusing correctly on the CD surface. Fortunately, you can fix this problem yourself with our easy-to-use kit that includes everything you need to replace the laser and get your device working again.

Confirm laser fault on your player and laser compatibility

Before you purchase our kit, there are a few simple things to check to confirm that the laser is at fault.

• Check your CD drive centring is set correctly (see the final image in the listing). This is set differently depending on player orientation.

• Check that the CD is not physically rubbing on the player or drive when attempting to read. Let the player clamp a CD and power off at the wall. Then move the disc gently by hand to check it can spin freely and that it’s not rubbing on any part of the player.

• Check the laser fitted to your player matches the listing, see image two to visually check the laser type fitted. 

Replacement CD laser pickup

The replacement lasers we supply are manufactured with OEM Philips components, to ensure clear sound reproduction and reliable service. Lasers are pre-adjusted during manufacturing, requiring no adjustment after installation into your player, a plug-and-play replacement part.

All lasers are tested in the UK before dispatch, this does add some time to our process but ensures a quality replacement part for our customers.


The instructions included with our kit cover the laser change in the Beosound 9000. Including every step, every screw, and every ribbon cable, and include tips and tricks to make the process easy and stress-free. With 26 pages of large images and clear, simple instructions, anyone with some patience and motivation can replace this common-to-fail part on their player in under 2 hours.

Specific Tools

As part of our full kit, we supply the specific tools needed to dismantle the player correctly and change the laser. The only additional tool needed is a standard Philips screwdriver. Using the correct tools is important to prevent damage to the player when changing the laser. All our tools are carefully selected to make the laser change process quick and simple. 

Are you looking for the laser to be replaced for you replaced as a service?

Beosound 9000 MK1, MK2, MK3 laser replacemnt service 

About Quickcycle

At quickcycle, we specialise in Philips laser repairs and services. Located in Cheltenham UK. We offer various services for at-home repairs, mail-order repair and the sale of Philips based CD laser products. Please check out our other listings for quality parts and services. get in touch if there is anything you cannot find on our store.

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