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BMW MINI 6.5" 2014 to 2017 Replacement LCD Central infotainment screen (Black Circles)

BMW MINI 6.5" 2014 to 2017 Replacement LCD Central infotainment screen (Black Circles)

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Does your BMW MINI 2014-2017 screen have black circles, round holes, round fault on screen? 

Replace the specific broken LCD part that needs replacing in your screen module.

BMW will only provide the complete assembly at a significant cost. Reduce the cost of your repair by changing the screen inside the central infotainment display unit.

The display unit needs to be removed from the dash and the screen replaced inside. No coding is necessary by replacing the component part.


Fitting the new screen is a simple process, we will supply generic instructions for replacment of this screen that will show you how to change it in the screen module. Only tools required are a set of torx bits. Exchange of the screen takes arround 1 hour. 


Part is supplied is the upgraded aftermarket version of the designed to replace the existing screen. OEM qulaity standards have been used in its manufacture. Screen is brand new from manufactuere unlike some others on the market.  


There are two types of screen fitted to the BMW mini in the 6.5 inch size. If your fault is due to round cicles this is the part you require. 

If you want to make doubly sure before ordering please remove infotainment screen module and check part number code as highlighted on the back of the screen module.

Part number : BM 9279424

There are a few other types of screen fitted to the BMW MINI, Pelase see other listings for details.

All orders are backed by out  30 day no hassle garantee.


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