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Shanling CD500 Replacement CD drive laser pickup

Shanling CD500 Replacement CD drive laser pickup

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Replacement CD laser pickup for SHANLING CD500 Player disc drive.

Is your SHANLING CD500 laser not reading CD / CD’s ?, Is your player skipping tracks? Are you asking how to repair the CD drive in your SHANLING CD500 so it reads discs again? Is your player saying no disc, no cd or load disc when a CD is inserted? Replace it with an individually tested laser diode, that will be dispatched within one working day and carefully packaged.
Lasers in these players often fail over time and require replacement, the laser wears out and will not effectively focus on the cd resulting in the CD not spinning and reading the disc.
Laser diodes in your player can be replaced in the disc drive to allow for quick and cost-effective repair. How to repair your SHANLING CD500 CD drive, just replace the laser!

Replacement laser Pickup

The replacement laser provided with this listing is the latest iteration of the Philips laser pickup, specifically designed for your SHANLING CD500 cd disc drive. This is the last iteration of the Philips VAM laser family. All lasers are calibrated at the factory and provide a plug-and-play replacement for your device. The final iteration of Philips lasers provides improved error correction and read stability. All replacement lasers are 100% tested inside Philips CD drive mechanisms to ensure they meet the standards our customers expect.
Lasers for this player are now increasingly rare and purchasing working examples can be hit or miss, Due to this at quickcycle we have partnered with the leading suppliers and also independently test our products in the UK before they are dispatched.


instructions are included with this listing to explain how to replace the laser in your player CD drive mechanism. Instructions are not specific to the player but cover how to replace the CD laser in the CD mechanism only. You will need to disassemble and remove your disc drive to change the laser.
Instruction on how to change the laser in the CD mechanism comprises a 10+ page PDF guide with step-by-step instructions featuring large images that are easy to follow and read. These instructions are only available through our listings. The .pdf instructions will be sent to you automatically on purchase to your email address provided.


At quickcycle, we dispatch our products quickly so you can get your player quickly working again. We offer 3-day postage in the UK free of charge. Internationally we charge around £13 for shipping within 15 days so your quality part will be with you quickly. Other express options are available at checkout.

About Quickcycle

At quickcycle, we specialise in Philips laser repairs and services. Located in Cheltenham UK. We offer various services for the repair and sale of Philips-based CD laser products.
If you would like a trained technician to replace the laser on your SHANLING CD500 please get in touch. You can either, send your player to us or we can come to you to make the laser change at your address in the UK. Repair service is available upon request.

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